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To have performed the act of being an Anal Intruder or even a Rectal Spelunker. Included in the act could have been a little bit of being a Bung Tonguer or a Bum Sniffer. To be cornalized is only offical if you totally gush your load deep in her stink star.
Larry: Hey Chuck, why are acting like your walking on air?

Chuck: Man I had a helluva great weekend!

Larry: You get laid or something?

Chuck: Not only did I get laid, Linda was the best Bag Lapper ever and I Cornalized her with passion, spurting the largest load I ever had deep in her balloon knot. She came like you wouldn't believe. Screaming into her pillow.

Larry: You lucky fuckin dog!!
by The King Cornholer April 14, 2008
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