A male or female that performs felatio after receiving anal sex, and having a piece of corn from their own anus affix itself to one of their teeth via the felated phallus.
I went ass to mouth on Cindy and gave her a corn tooth!
by Johnny Wu September 12, 2008
Top Definition
Someone with a busted ass yellow-colored grill resembling that of corn on the cob.
Patrick "Did you see how yellow Alicia's teeth were?"

D'Shae "Yeah, that's one corn tooth hoe."
by D'Shae October 17, 2007
A guy with one yellow stained front tooth, "Hey corntooth brush your teeth!"
corn tooth Corntooth yellow tooth
by Deanerngravers February 10, 2011
Someone who has huge front teeth that stick out in an unpleasant way. Usually kind of yellow and hang out over the bottom lip.
"We got a case of a CORN TOOTH heading north"

by Brittany909 July 10, 2008
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