After eating out a girls ass so deep you pull the corn out you then spit it in her face.
My girlfriend had to go to the optimologist after I cornhusked her.
#corn #husked #ass #eating out #eye #face #girl #butt #disgusting
by Deakster January 23, 2009
Top Definition
To be ass raped in the darkness of a corn field in Iowa. Usually happens to unsuspecting business men who venture out too far from the safety of their hotels.
I was on a feed mill start up in Iowa with the new guy Steve and after work we went to the bar with a bunch of farmers. The next morning Steve woke up with kernels of corn in his hair and had a raw anus. I said, "Damn Steve you got Corn Husked!"
#pop secret #chocolate candy corn #back door barn dance #captain kernels #ouch
by Barbicakes May 23, 2008
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