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A trendy shopping centre in Leeds, U.K. often perceived as "scary" because it is a hang out place for moshers, goths and emos - however this is not strictly true. The people outside aren't trouble-makers or thugs - they are friendly youths just doing what they enjoy. If you step inside, you will notice the sophisticated shops and stalls create a lovely atmosphere, rather the opposite to what people expect after seeing the outside.
"I can't find anything to wear for the party.."
"Try at the corn exchange there's always great, fashionable and alternative clothes there!"
by Holleh!! October 14, 2006
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A cool place where all Leeds "alternative" people hang out.
Popular with goths,emo's,moshers,etc.
People tend to sit outside rather than actually go inside.
Contains cool shops like grin,sugarlump and Pro piercing.
Friendly people. You meet new friends every time you go if you sit outside.
You should go!!
Emo : You wanna go to out on Saturday?
Mosher : Yeah, shall I meet you at corn exchange at 11?
Emo : Yeah, I wanna get a new shirt from grin and then we'll just see who we meet.
Mosher : Yep, then we can go for a sheesha.
Emo: Cool!
by XxXAimeeXxX August 09, 2006
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