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Some bullshit excuse that the industry has come up with to disguise the product you know as "high fructose corn syrup", the same shit that caused and explosion of obesity and health problems in the last quater of the 20th century.
Commercial: "I only want the best for my children, so I feed them almost-but-not-really-at-all-natural corn sugar! The way nature* intended!"

Consumer: "Well I've never heard of corn sugar before, but if the souless actress says it's good for me than who am I to argue?"

*May or may not be a lie.
by Chucktanium September 27, 2010
The semen that dribbles from one's anus after anal sex.
My favorite part about butt-fucking is snacking on the corn sugar afterwards.
by squiddle September 15, 2010
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