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The practice, nay, ART of making up food as you go along to cover a previous mistake.

Usually used in a professional capacity in Restaurants when you have run out of something, but haven't told the customer, or making something you've forgotten to do.
Example 1:

Chef #1:Hey dude, this bag of prawns isn't cooked

Ninja Chef:Stick them in the Dishwasher

Chef #1:That guy is a true "Cordon Blag" artist.

Example 2:

Chef 1#: We haven't got any lamb curry left

Ninja chef: Just chop up a lamb shank, add roast vegetables, curry paste and microwave. Done.

Chef #1: Isn't that unethical

Ninja Chef: Silence you!
by Jerkston Alfalfa April 10, 2009
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