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To copulate: to engage in sexual intercourses.
It is extremely famous among the young and aristocratic jet set of french and italian people living in Barcelona (also known as Modus Copulandi).

Please, bear in mind that you cannot copulate with any animal or a vegetable. The aristocratic world would not allow it.
"- Hey, where is your friend?
- Well, he´s not here he is copulating with your sister!
- What?
- Yes he copulate like a donkey
- He is such a penis (the French-Italian Jet Set of Barcelona also use penis instead of Dick)"

by Manu Lenocci April 14, 2008
85 37
to have illicit intercourse with a serving police officer
sgt. cryer told thunderthighs that if she let him copulate with herin the panda, then he would'nt charge her with
by theWestHamfan November 14, 2003
21 53