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Drinking a lot of alcohol, getting kicked out of a party, passing out somewhere outside and losing some of there belongings.
Doing any or combination of these things with result in a cope-out.
1:Have you heard what cope did last night?
1:He did all of this! Drank a 5th of alcohol, 3 jello shots and 2 beers; Got kicked out of the party; Ran 5+ blocks to an abandon building; Attempted to climb the fence; Fell and knocked himself unconscious in the bushes for 5 hours; woke up and wandered back to the house without shoes, shirt, one sock and cell phone.
2: NO WAY DUDE! He totally Coped-out tough.

Being a very violent, aggressive and physically active drunk.
by DJGOOCH February 21, 2011
"Coped out"...derived from Cope2, not to be confused with copped out. "Coped out"(definition) - to turn states evidence, become a police informant, to rat / snitch on someone, to testify in court.
. (Example- 1. he got his charges dropped because he coped out on his co-accused. 2. When someone gets arrested due to an informant providing information, it's called getting "coped out".) - To be Coped on is the same as getting ratted on, or snitched on.
by BossTruth September 23, 2015
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