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Very good; all right, as in no problems.
Everything is copasetic.
by pacman February 08, 2003
212 74
Good; under control; five by five. Applies to things or situations exactly as "simpatico" applies to people.
I started to worry when Aloysius started down the California St. hill, but he assured me everything was copacetic.
by d@n May 16, 2003
98 45
OK, fine, good.
Q:"How are you today?"
by gneeinabottle March 03, 2009
42 30
Very good; excellent; completely satisfactory
It's all copasetic!
by Shorty 2 March 04, 2011
25 16
Chill, awesome, cool, laid back, and everything that goes with it.
Patience is like the coolest chick ever, I've never met anyone as copasetic as her.
by paintxitorange April 28, 2008
22 42