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A mall cop that also coaches youth sports, especially their kids' soccer team. The most famous Cop Coach is Ralph Drabble who helps referee his son, Patrick's, soccer games. Cop Coaches are often criticized by their bad calls. But in the end a Cop Coach can be a sweet man. So next time you want a great game but you don't want to encroach, make friends with the ref, he just might be a Cop Coach!
Ralph: Great game, huh? Those boys were killing me. I was one worn out Cop Coach!

Liv: Cop Coach? What is that? Is that a cop that also coaches soccer?

Ralph: Sure, I coach my son, Patrick's, soccer team, The Varmits. He loves it! I never make bad calls on him.

Patrick: Yeah, Miss Liv, he's right. He never does make bad calls on me. He's one great coach!

Liv: Well, do you want me to help coach you, too? Me and my husband Ben could help.

Patrick: Yes, I don't need just a Cop Coach.

Liv: You are so sweet! See you at the next soccer game. Me and Grandpa Ben will be there with sweats on.

Patrick: Sweet! Cop Coaches rock!

Ralph: (blowing the coach whistle) You'd better move it, boy. You're gonna get glared!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 13, 2012

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