The best disguised name for a vagina, mainly used at drive-thru windows.
Customer: Do you guys still have the cooter pie?

McDonald's Worker: (yelling) DO WE STILL HAVE THE COOTER PIE?
by n-hole December 19, 2008
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Top Definition
An affectionate name said to someone jokingly with a southern, trucker like accent. Usually very loudly and followed typically by laughing and associated with boob slapping.
"I love you!"
"Aww, cooter pie!!"
by Arashi Brief August 14, 2006
Noun; used as a term of endearment.
"Hello my darling Cooterpie!", "I love you, Cooterpie". Similar useage as "sweetiepie"
by AdrianeB December 15, 2006

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