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The best disguised name for a vagina, mainly used at drive-thru windows.
Customer: Do you guys still have the cooter pie?

McDonald's Worker: (yelling) DO WE STILL HAVE THE COOTER PIE?
by n-hole December 19, 2008
26 12

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An affectionate name said to someone jokingly with a southern, trucker like accent. Usually very loudly and followed typically by laughing and associated with boob slapping.
"I love you!"
"Aww, cooter pie!!"
by Arashi Brief August 14, 2006
54 16
Noun; used as a term of endearment.
"Hello my darling Cooterpie!", "I love you, Cooterpie". Similar useage as "sweetiepie"
by AdrianeB December 15, 2006
2 4