A small, but cute, city where everyone pretty much knows everyone else and putting each other down is a frequent activity.
"Here, in Cooper City, our band wins more than our football team!"
by drippingxwithxsins June 11, 2008
Top Definition
Small city in South Florida where you are either a spoiled Jew, a redneck, or wannabe ghetto person where everyone smokes weed and thinks they're cool.
That Cooper City place is a shitty ass town!
by HillbillyBoneee March 19, 2011
A small city in South Florida filled with JAPs and CAPs.located near ft.lauderdale
OMG.i live in cooper city.FUCK
by CCHS alumni September 18, 2004
a small city in South Florida full of Jewish kids and weed.
kid1: "do you know where I can get any weed?"
kid2: "uhm, bro...I'm from Cooper City."
kid1: "sweet."
by elevenelephants December 04, 2010
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