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1. To preform cunilingus / oral sex on a member the the raccoon family. This does not include other small to medium sized animals that pick through your garbage.

2. Coonilingus may also apply to a hobo that has been feasting on your garbage. Though, he must have two black eyes. This does not mean you can give him the two black eyes. This just means if he already has two black eyes and is in your garbage you can give him oral sex - 'Coonilingus'

"So man , what did you do last night?"
"Well, I met this sexy little raccoon and I gave her some of my famous Coonilingus."


"Damn hunny when did you get so good at oral sex?"
"Well babe , the neighbor keeps beating the hobos that going through our trash cans and I keep practicing my Coonilinugs skills on on them;)"
by megan.w November 22, 2009
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Performing oral sex on a black woman
He is an equal opportunity muff-diver. I once saw him perform coonilingus for 45 minutes.
by Herbos, a prince June 19, 2008
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