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A wide full fisted punch not nearly a hook, more like using your arm as a rope with a brick on the end. Usually implemented by drunken aboriginals as a form of assault against train station security and old women sleeping in their beds.

Completely ineffective in a real fight, and when successful has little effect on the receiver.
"eh eh eh maht, gut a smoke?, gonna pick me up some coolabah deh, cop, pack-a-winnie blue maht. fuckin got me corroboree down at the centrelink line, wanna coon swing at this police officer maht??"
by Coolabah Deh eh maht July 15, 2008
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Basically the most common form of attack that Aboriginals use. It is so inaccurate, that when used against a non-drunk, non-retarded normal white person, they are able to easily avoid, and retaliate with a kick to the face.

However, in recent society, since drunkenness is so common amongst the coons, the attack is becoming more and more dangerous as they are adapting to living on the street, often coon swinging hard-working white people for smokes or 50 cents for the bus.
In turn, this is making the coon swing become increasingly overrated, due to a long history with alcohol and aggression.

The Wabbajibbinal coon swings, although inaccurate, if landed can do significant damage, however this fact is irrelevant as they're always ending up in jail.
'Eh you lil' fella wanna go? Smash him Mungo'
*Coon swing*

'Gimme back ma cardigan you dog'
*Kick to the face (another form of coon swing)

'That black fella is throwing coon swings; feed him brah, feed him brah, Mungo uppercut him'.
by Smash him Mungo November 08, 2011
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