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A Coon Slab is a very annoying person who, no matter how many times you tell them, will not shut up. A Coon Slab can be anyone, boy girl, white black, tall short, whatever. If you tell a Coon Slab to shut up, they will only get more annoying as the day progresses. The best thing to do when you encounter a Coon Slab is to annoy them. If you engage with a Coon Slab, they will set you as their target. Once you are targeted by a Coon Slab, there's no escaping. The only way to get away form on of them is to not be within a 100 foot range of them for a prolonged time. They will hopefully forget about you and you can carry on with your life as a normal citizen of the United States, Britain, or whatever count you reside in.
10 year old: Hey Gina. Hey, hey Gina.
Gina: What?
10 year old: Guess what?
Gina: What?
10 year old: Your short! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG IM SO FUNNY!!
Gina: Oh my God you're suck a fucking Coon Slab!
by ThatCoolGuyYouDon'tKnow December 16, 2013
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