A swimming pool at a HUD apartment complex or a city park on the bad side of town.
Shaquanda and Lil Re-Re always be hangin wit they niglets up in da coon lagoon.
by mackerel daddy August 14, 2011
A body of water where black people swim.
I drove past the coonlagoon today and that bitch was full.
by friendly81 April 30, 2008
A word used to describe a situation. Can also be used to describe a gathering of a large amount of ethnic minorities.

Tom - blimey shaun, there's some new faces in the Asian Invasion today
Shaun - actually Tom, i believe it's widely accepted that it is called the Coon Lagoon
Tom - by Jove, i've made a fool of myself, thank you for correcting me Shaun
Shaun - it's quite alright. dont let it happen again.
by Technicolour-Rascal March 23, 2009

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