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By far the best fashion apparel to gain recent popularity. Cooch Clingers are really baggy pants that girls wear. Chicks like them because they're comfortable and have a sassy retro look to them with their rectangular shape. Guys like them because although the pants are very baggy they cling to wearer in two key locations. Most Cooch Clingers are brown, but sometimes you will see other colors esp. pink ones with the word "PINK" spelled out across the ass.
Girls who wear cooch clingers are often seen wearing tank tops, pearl necklaces and big hepburn-esque sunglasses as well.
Did you see Maggie in those cooch clingers today? The fabric was weged between the soft cheeks of her shapely ass and those baggy pants still managed to give her some MAJOR camel toe!
by Pizzaface September 06, 2005
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