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A filthy,dirty,disgusting pussy with a rancid sour smell. It is a disease that some women have and it is becoming more and more common every day. When coming in contact with someone that has cooch rot,you must immediately exit the premises.
Asif: (callin a Pharmacy).
Pharmasist: Hello!
Asif: Hi, I'm calling to ask if you guys happen to carry Vaginal Cleanser?
Pharmasist: umm Yes sir.
(Asif interupts him)
Asif: Thank you so much,I've been looking everywhere for some cleanser for my wife's pussy. Her pussy is suffering some severe cooch rot. She makes me go down on her every night and I cant do it anymore (starts crying). I swear I think the women rubs a fish on her pussy it smells so bad. The smell is so unbearable that I cannot help but vomit during oral. And the sad thing is that the vomit actually TASTES BETTER than the cooch!
Pharmisit: Sir?
Asif: DONT INTERRUPT ME!! let me ask you something does your girlfriend or wifes pussy smell like the ocean? huh? Does it smell like a fish that has been dead for 200 years then tossed into a filthy steamy hot dumpster,filled with GARBAGE JUICE!? Then it came back from the dead and just decided to crawl up in your girls pussy? I'm going to guess no!!
Pharmisit: um Sir thats the whole reason why im Homosexual.
Asif: Well do you know the number for a hit man?
Dial Tone........
by AshleeJo November 20, 2006
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