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The person who fails to reply in a conversation, therefore dropping that conversation and rendering it DEAD. This can be through several means: e-mail, texting, IM-ing, posting a message on someone's board, writing letters, or any channel of communication that requires a response from both participants after some slightly delayed period of time.

If a person is notorious as a convo dropper, some people may stop messaging him or her as much because nobody likes to start a conversation that will just end up dying when it reaches that person's phone, house, or computer.
Friend: "Who's the convo dropper in your relationship?"

Guy: "My girlfriend. Every time we start texting, she eventually just gets bored and stops replying."

Friend: "Man, you have to be the convo dropper every once in a while. That'll prove that you're not a chump"
by siphus February 26, 2009
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