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A person who had a lifetime hatred of cats. One who used to tell tales of how evil they were. Then one day their girlfriend or wife, or kid, or etc. forces them to live with a cat. Cats are attracted to cat haters. This particular cat also turns out to be intelligent, friendly and loving. The cat hater eventually sees kitty do something funny, looks at kitty and says, " You'll do cat,you got a home with me." At this point kitty will look at the former cat hater and blink hi eyes one time. In cat talk this can mean different things but in this case it means "I like you too."

A converted cat hater becomes a cat defender. They get angry when people say bad things about them. They become homicidal if they think somebody is going to hurt their cat.
Two bored teenagers are crusing a tiny midwestern village late at night.
Teen 1; I'm bored man, lets do something, lets tear this fucking little town up, take that gun and shoot at some houses.

Teen 2; This is the town where Billy was killed. He shot at a house and within 15 seconds half the town was shooting at him.

Teen 1, Bad idea, take my pellet rifle, it makes less noise, and start shooting their fucking cats. Everybody in this town hates cats. We will be hero's to them.

Teen 2. Aims the pellet rifle at a cat but before he can shoot the back window of their car explodes. Then they hear the distinct sound of another round being jacked in to a pump shot gun.

Teen 1. "Lets get the fuck out of here dude!" "That's a converted cat hater with a gun and they WILL kill us."

The teens later meet their buddies. They tell their friends "Some asshole shot our back window out but that's OK." We really beat the shit out of him and we tore that little town up before we left," "You shoulda seen it man, they was all scared of us and acting like bitches."
by OneWhoKnowsBetter December 20, 2012
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