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The term used for a $1 bill in a strip club/shake joint setting.
As one friend pulls out a wad of $1 bills, his buddy says to his friend:

"Damn man, look at all those those conversation starters...."

Another example would be:

Friend #1: Damn man, we heading to the shake joint so you know I need some ones.

Friend #2: We straight bro, I got change for dat 20 at the liquor store, so we got 20 conversation starters between the two of us.
by Lil' Pheel April 17, 2011
3 5
A question or topic that creates a dialogue between two or more people. These 'starters' are some of the most elusive and hard to think of bastards on the face of the Earth, and without them one is left with awkward silence. A lack of starters is common at the beginning of a relationship, when speaking to someone not entirely familiar to the speaker, or when conversing with any female.
Guy: Hey what's up?
Girl: Nothin' much....
(awkward silence)
Girl: Well, see ya later......
Guy's totally deprived penis: Blast! why couldn't i think of a conversation starter?
by Zuktax December 05, 2009
20 10