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A context word is any actors or celebrites name that can be substituted in a sentence for another word...The words true meaning is then figured out by the looking at the surrounding context or situation...Sometimes it can leave both of the speakers in a cloud of confusion with the words "huh" and "what" becoming more prevalent than pinto beans in mexico...
Context Name Word

Person 1--Yo check out those Charlie Sheens!!
Person 2--Damn!! If I had the Lady Gaga i would buy one of those, unfortunately I spent all my Gaga at the strip club..
Person 1--Your better off going with those Owen Wilsons then, they are cheaper and would fit your feet just the same...
Person 2--Word, since we're running late heres the keys to the Jack Nicholson , l'll meet up after i take these to the counter to buy them...
by PseudoNympho12yrold June 04, 2010
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