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How Republicans, smart enough to know that the Republican Party platform is an embarassment, refer to themselves.
Mom, why do Constitutionalists always vote exactly the same as Republicans?
by Truckdriver March 21, 2010
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One who believes that the constitution is supreme law of the land and shall NOT be infringed. He also believes that anybody who tries to blot out or modify the constitution is considered un-American and an enemy to the freedom the constitution provides.
A constitutionalist is an American gun owners who carry everyday, they have proven that crime reduces according to studies.
by The Constitutionalist August 23, 2008
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Also known as a "Framer."
When 40 Older gentlemen wearing white wigs perform a "circle jerk" and finish by signing their name or initials on the man to right's face with their *old man semen.

*Old man semen can occasionally present in powder form; So it's a good idea to drink plenty of fluids before performing this maneuver.
" His AA meeting was just a cover for his weekly Constitutionalist."
by Apple Jaxx May 15, 2016
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