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Console haters are PC gamers who hate on consoles and console gamers. They constantly brag about how PCs are better, and call anyone who uses a console a "noob." They, however, fail to realize just how noobish they themselves are. They don't understand that, in the end, it doesn't matter what system you use. Gamers, whether Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft or PC, should unite. But NO, these console-hating fucks strive to make console gamers miserable. Most of the time, though, it's the haters that are miserable. They miss out on awesome console exclusives. In short, these haters need to get lives, rather than insulting other gamers for their opinions.

It should be noted, that not all PC gamers are console haters.

Just most of them.
Console gamer: Well, seeya, I'm gonna play some Uncharted 2.
Console hater: On your PS3?!?!
Gamer: Yeah...
Hater: UR A NOOOOOB!!!!11!1!1!!!!one!!11!!!111!!!!!11!eleven!!1
Gamer: What?
Hater: You don't play gud gamz.
Gamer: I can't understand what you just said.
Hater: PC FTW!!!!111!!!1
Gamer: Whatever I'm leaving. Have fun in your mom's basement!
Hater: u BeT Ii WIIIILLLL!~1!!!1!1!1!121@!111!!!

This has been, a definition of "console haters".
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