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The conservative version of "liberal guilt": A politically conservative person's guilt complex about not supporting liberal government policies. Since conservatives are often attached by liberals for not 'caring enough' about liberal-leaning economic, social problems, they compensate by retaining a high level of knowledge about specific, non-political forms of liberal and/or progressive cultural norms. They exhibit their guilt by obsessively trying to prove that they know a lot about liberal cultural norms.
My conservative guilt always kicks in when I park my car next to a handicap spot when I go places, so I always end up letting strangers who look poor cut me in line.

I absolutely love hipster and folk music; it must be my conservative guilt complex.

I watch the Discovery channel when I'm alone at home because my conservative guilt makes me feel like I should care about protecting the environment.
by ImRightAboutThisOne April 28, 2010

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