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The easy-going way of life. Blissful avoidance and ignornance of common organizations, movements, responsibilities, or anything that doesn't affect the follower. Someone who is a follower of Conscientious Apathy often won't care about a breakthrough in cancer research anymore than they would if they accidentally forgot to comb their hair that morning.

Though frowned upon by the 'go-getting' and influential type, a follower of Conscientious Apathy will often shrug off any criticism and live by the Conscientious Apathy code: "It's great that you care, I'm glad that you care, but, I don't care."

Someone who is a follower of Conscientious Apathy does not do it to be rude or harmful to others, the way of life is chosen to relieve stress and to find a more peaceful and pacifistic way to survive in times like these. It's controversy is ignored because no one who is a follower cares what others think about their way of life.
"I think it's great that the Lung Cancer Association is around, but I really could care less about it."

"I'd love to donate money to the school trip, but I'm not going so I really don't give a crap."

"Is my shirt really that ugly? Well, I'm sure I'll survive."

"Sorry, My Conscientious Apathy is leading me away from that 'Teamwork' conference"
by Climtheconqueror March 26, 2009

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