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See Connaling

The act of masterbabtion
Go look at connaling to define Connelling
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
Being unable to come to a decision on a purchase and constantly seeking advice from others to the extent of being extremely annoying. Then, going in the opposite direction of that advice.
Mark - "I'm thinking of getting a new iPod. I can't decide between the iPod Touch or the 80GB"
Friend - "You should get the touch"
Mark - "But what if I bump it at the gym while working out"
Friend - "Then get the 80GB"
Mark - "But I don't have that many songs to fill it up"
Friend - "I think you should still get the iPod Touch"
Mark - "I think I'll get the Zune"
Friend - "Ugh! Quit connelling!"
by Rochester June 19, 2008