A combination of conflict and drama.
Fortunately, she didn't cause any conflama while she was taking her medicine.
by Adelaide Dupont January 31, 2006
Top Definition
Conflama is a "campy" word that can be used when conflict and drama are occuring simultaneously. It's a contraction of the words conflict + drama = conflama.
"Girl, that boy I am dating is just full of conflama."

"Girl, I don't have time for your conflama, OK? I've got my own conflama going on..."
by Joseph Williams January 23, 2005
A combination of conflict and drama
There is too much conflama when the family gets together.
by Tammy F. January 16, 2009
Confusion and drama
No one liked seeing Jawanna coming; she was well-known at this KMart, and sometimes violent. Conflama followed her around like a shadow.
by minamu February 05, 2010
n. confusing situation aggravated by the addition of high drama
Emilee, once again finding herself drowning in Ms. Moore's conflama, decided it was time to distance herself.
by Jenzen February 04, 2004
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