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Confapulating is the act of masturbating furiously in celebration of an event or achievement.

Derived from the word 'congratulations' in combination with the word 'fap' which is slang for masturbation.
"Dude! I just was in the spa bath and Jenny touched my dick!"
"Confapulations bro!"
"Hell yeah! I'm going into the other room to confapulate myself immediately!"
by Baconstain June 06, 2013
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The conscious, convenient and willful filling in the gaps of information and/or facts to suit one's needs, purpose or agenda. The ensuing sense of personal intense, short-lived pleasure and satisfaction one receives from having done so, much like engaging in masturbation. A means of spreading lies, half-truths and innuendo for a political end and feeling great about having done so.
"Eager to do whatever he could to help boost his candidate's sagging poll numbers, John wasn't beyond engaging in a little old-fashioned political confapulation to try and help reverse his candidate's sliding numbers, knowing what he was saying about the other candidate was completely false."
by wordsmith08 September 12, 2008
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