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That hazy, fuzzy space and time where you wake up next to someone whose name you may or may not know, either or both of you in various states of undress, totally uncertain as to whether, how, or how frequently you may have had sex the night before.
"Tequila... I don't drink tequila! Last time I drank tequila, I woke up inside the 'Cone of Uncertainty' with a dude from my days at Tulane..."
#blackout #sex #hookup #walk of shame #morning after
by BGDTootSweet August 26, 2011
The area where a hurricane is predicted to make landfall. Shaped like a cone because of the variable nature of weather
#1: Dude, the cone of uncertainty is right over New Orleans.
#2: Fuck that, those dipshit meteorologists always get it wrong.
#1: I don't know man, sounds like Hurrication
#hurrication #cone of silence #hurricane #new orleans #chocolate city #death and destruction
by elliotneal September 12, 2008
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