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a bald man whose head resembles a condom, or any person who generally looks like a condom
john malkovic = condomhead
by chaz13123 February 28, 2009
A person who enjoys or gets sexual pleasure from wearing a condom over their head..Or some people do it simply because their dickheads
Duane: Who the fuck is that bloke wearin a condom on his head?
Stevo: That's just ryan being a Condom Head as usual..
Duane: OI RYAN, get a fuckin life yer tool
by Mysta D February 07, 2009
When you wear a hoodie over your head and it gets a litlle tip, that makes it look like a condom.
Wow dude, you totally look like a condom head when you wear that hoodie.
by Wank-athon May 27, 2015
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