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A 'Computer Faggot', also known as a 'Computer Loser', or a 'Computer Douche' could be referred as one of the following.

1.) One who consistently acts/thinks they are tech savvy, when it is clearly evident they are not.

2.) One who spends most of their time on the computer, yet are computer illiterate.

3.) One who plays computer games all day long, all while disregarding Life, Girls, the Sun, and Human Contact.

1.) Computer Faggot: Note that from now on Crunch-Bang Linux wont be based off Ubuntu anymore, but now they're switching their sources to Debian Linux. So now its a Debian based distro, and not a Ubuntu based distro.

Hacker/Geek: Ubuntu is Debian based you 'Computer Faggot'. O.o

2.) Computer Faggot2: How do you make the window big again?

Hacker/Geek: >_> figure it out yourself you stupid 'Computer Faggot'.

3.) Hacker/Geek: hey, dude, what are you doing?

Computer Faggot3: Nothing just playing WoW.

Hacker/Geek: How long have you been playing?

Computer Faggot3: Since 7 am.

Hacker/Geek: its 2 am, you 'Computer Faggot'.
by W4rr10rAnon138 May 16, 2011
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