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A very serious and harmful disease mainly acquired through white boys usually at the age of 8-16. Very similar to Tourette Syndrome, CNS is when people have the urge to for some reason speak, act, and behave like a black person (im not racist by the way). Annoying to some because they cannot stand the sight of someone being what there not, it is a very serious disease, and must be noted that it compulsive, so it is uncontrollable. CNS has spread fast, and is now known to have taken host to 1 billion little white boys.
Franklin: Yo nigga whats poppin?!
LaQuef: Shut up you lil white boy!
Franklin: Sorry sir, i have Compulsive Nigger Syndrome (CNS).
LaQuef: My bad, my bad, go about now...
by Torry Corps May 31, 2011

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