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A friendly multicultural gathering where guests are encouraged to dress as ghetto African Americans. The intend of the event is to raise awareness of oppression blacks undergo in Compton.

It is usually held mid February, since February marks a very important month in American society. No, i'm not referring to Valentines day or Presidents day. I'm talking about Black History month.

Dress code for males: Rockin Jersey's, stuntin' up in ya White T (XXXL smallest size acceptable), anything FUBU, Ecko, Rockawear, High/low top Jordans or Dunks, Chains, Jorts, stunner shades, 59 50 hats, Tats, etc.

Females are encouraged to wear gold teeth, start fights and drama, and wear cheap clothes - they consider Baby Phat to be high class and expensive couture. They also have short, nappy hair, and usually wear cheap weave, usually in bad colors, such as purple or bright red. They look and act similar to Shenaynay, and speak very loudly, while rolling their neck, and waving their finger in your face.

The cuisine at a Compton Cookout consists of 40's, Kegs of Natty, dat Purple Drank (which is made up of sugar, water, and the color purple), chicken, coolade, and of course Watermelon.
Jacob: What will you be wearing to the Compton Cookout?
Mark: niggah all ahh need is me a white tee and i'm gud.
#party #compton #crunk #diversity #racism #ucsd #san diego
by PsFlLr February 22, 2010
A massive gathering of incredibly retarded, privileged and racist white kids for the purpose of mocking those less fortunate then themselves.
1st Non retarded Citizen:
Hey, man. Did ya hear about that Compton Cook out at the USCD

2nd Non Retarded Citizen:
Yeah, What a bunch of retards!
#racist #stupid #retarded #compton #uscd
by jjvagnar May 17, 2012
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