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1. Ignorantly making a situation worse
2. Unknowingly adding drama to someone's life
Tabby: I saw Lana flirting with Matt earlier!
Shayna: Oh, so the rumor of him cheating is true?
Tabby: Well, he denied every accusation, so maybe Lana is just complexinating it. After all, she IS a slut.

Emily: I have so much homeowork in chemistry, I won't have enough time to study for my English test! Plus, I have tennis tryouts tonight! I'm so stressed!
Beth: Wait, so you won't be able to come to my party?!
Emily: You're making it worse!
Beth: Sorry that I'm complexinating things, we can hang out just the two of us later. It's totally fine.
by junjuns dictionary April 01, 2009
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