Something cool supervillains who wear sunglasses and have David Bowie accents strive to achieve. May or may not be said with long pauses between each word, followed by a deep breath. Typically foiled by those pricks from the BSAA.
Uruboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring complete global saturation.

*Deep breath*
by Rusty Was Here May 02, 2009
Top Definition
1. What will be ensured if the Uroboros Virus is released into the atmosphere.

2. Refers to brutally jabbing your fist through someone's stomach.

3. What to say before utterly destroying/pwning/raping an opponent.

Can also be shorted to "saturation" or "saturated".
Albert Wesker: "Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION. BLEEEHHHHH... *jabs hand through Chris Redfield's stomach*"

Players who fail the final button pressing cutscene of Resident Evil 5 will be well acquanted with this scene.
by CripChillinz1 May 02, 2009
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