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Something cool supervillains who wear sunglasses and have David Bowie accents strive to achieve. May or may not be said with long pauses between each word, followed by a deep breath. Typically foiled by those pricks from the BSAA.
Uruboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring complete global saturation.

*Deep breath*
by Rusty Was Here May 02, 2009
86 9
1. What will be ensured if the Uroboros Virus is released into the atmosphere.

2. Refers to brutally jabbing your fist through someone's stomach.

3. What to say before utterly destroying/pwning/raping an opponent.

Can also be shorted to "saturation" or "saturated".
Albert Wesker: "Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION. BLEEEHHHHH... *jabs hand through Chris Redfield's stomach*"

Players who fail the final button pressing cutscene of Resident Evil 5 will be well acquanted with this scene.
by CripChillinz1 May 02, 2009
128 15