A 165% gay male of the Latin Decent. Usually speaks with very crisp S's, and speaks as much with his hands as he does his mouth, if not more.
Girl, that Comosexual is going to scratch your eyes out if you don't step away from her margarita!
by Justinrobinson February 25, 2011
Top Definition
Majority of the population of Columbia, Missouri, after showing immense respect and support for Openly Gay NFL Player Michael Sam.
Mom: "You should go to the University of Missouri!"
High School Senior: "Mom, you know I cant go to college in a town of CoMoSexuals!!!"
Mom: "Oh yes, you're right. That town is FULL of CoMoSexuals!"
High School Senior: "If only Mizzou wasn't in Columbia, Missouri! Then there would be no CoMoSexuals!"
by CoMoSexual Bandit February 19, 2014
Someone who actually goes to CoMo to study
Why do you have to go to CoMo?
Because I am a CoMosexual, Kevin!
by Devin P February 07, 2007
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