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A false sense of academic entitlement that some community college graduates display after performing extremely well grade-wise during their tenure. It should be noted that this same student would most likely perform at or below average at a more difficult private or public univeristy, thus disovering reality. The symptoms seem to manifest themselves mainly in young women who believe a japanese introductry class and a passing grade in photoshop give them the footing to debate proust.
Jan: yeah so I graduated from GCC with a 4.0, like I'm really smart and don't agree with George Bush.
Cliff: Really, like his foreign policy or mishandling of Katrina?
Jan: Umm...well remember when he said, now watch this drive? I mean, c'mon now
Cliff: Hmmm, so that's your reason?
Jan: yeah, oh, and do you want fries with that?
Cliff (thinking): Big tits and a great ass, to bad for the community college syndrome
by Peppermint Pickles July 01, 2009
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