A varient of the boogie man during the Reagan administration.
by Dave October 12, 2003
Anyone that uses the metric system.
That shit ain't in feet and inches...fucking Commie.
by J-jizzles October 19, 2009
For communists peaceful is a bonus, but they wont hesitate to turn to violence to ensure the success of the revolution.

"They just want to give you what you need and take away the shit that you don't need" is a stereotype.

Puritan commies take all the resources and divide them up between everyone, and then expect everyone to work just out of the goodness of their hearts.

Realistic commies nationalize every form of business/industry and then standardize prices at the lowest possible level, and pay everyone what their job is worth to the state.

They're the two broad ways.

You have Mensheviks & Bolsheviks, who approach the revolutions differently

and u have Marxists, Leninists, and Stalinists, who all have different ideas about what to do after the revolution.
For people that trys to use it as a insult means that they do not know what is what for example: does not know who wrote the communist manifesto; what the difference is between communism, socialism, and marxism and what was the mccarthy era.
by W/e March 24, 2005
A shorter version of the word 'communist'. It is typically used to deride a Democrat or liberal.
John Kerry is nothing short of a commie! He wants to raise taxes and form a large government!
by tk99 May 26, 2006
(noun or adjective) Originally a common abbreviation for communist, a member of the communist party, or someone who has views that can otherwise be identified as those of a communist.

Be that as it may, it is also a derogatory term that has become used by (generally) right-wing/conservative/reactionary individuals to describe concepts, or persons who hold beliefs, that are:
(1) not shared by the person using the word
(2) possibly, but not definitely, liberal, socialist, left-wing, or otherwise not conformed with the accepted republican or right wing point of view.

Also used interchangeably and together with:
fascist, socialist, marxist, red, pinko, faggot, leftie, liberal,libbie, etc. Those who do so might reasonably be assumed to be more vituperative than they are aware of the original meanings of the associated words.
1: He's all for big government, the queer commie fascist faggot.
by man of the sea October 18, 2009
What Communication Arts majors are lovingly called at schools of the arts. Commie activities generally include film making, speech and debate, journalism, and creative writing.
She's such a good writer! She must be a commie!
by Inkrose February 05, 2010
According to Republicans, anyone to the left of Eric Cartman
*liberal beats conservative in any debate*
Conservative: *turns red in the face* Spoken like a true commie!
by rtv0587 July 29, 2011

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