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Posting a status update on a social networking site that's specific to a certain person in hopes of enticing them to interact with you by leaving a comment. See also: Obsessive, Needy, Pathetic
Public knowledge: I love Elvis, donuts and extreme heat.

Comment Bait Ex. 1
Facebook Creeper's Status: "Who wants to join me for the TCM Elvis Movie Marathon this weekend?! :)" (Has only ever heard of 2 Elvis movies in his life.)

Comment Bait Ex. 2
Twitter Creeper's Status: "I've got a whole box of donuts all to myself - Yum! But I might be willing to share... ;)" (Doesn't even like donuts.)

Comment Bait Ex. 3
Myspace Creeper's Status: "It's 102 degrees out!! Let's go to the beach! :D" (Actually kind of hopes I won't comment on this one because he'd rather stab himself in the eye with a spork than go out in this sweltering heat.)
by Danie Sue June 08, 2011
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