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A Group of Britains best improvisers;

Josie Lawrence & Andy Smart & Paul Merton & Neil Mullarkey & Richard Vranch & Lee Simpson & Jim Sweeney.

These 7 people are often named the Kings & Queen of british improv.
Most of their work is funny. Some also featured on

Whose line is it anyway
Josie Lawrence was the most popular on the show doing all 9 british series. and 3 american episodes.
Paul Merton & Jim Sweeney were also on the show from time to time.

Richard Vranch played the music for the songs .

Even though most of these preformers are now old they still preform at the comedy store in london :)
Ooh man! wanna' go see The Comedy Store Players?

Yeah Alright :D
by JosieLawrenceSuperFan March 30, 2010
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