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The untimely and prolonged malfunction of an internet connection resulting in great inconvenience, such as the forfeiture of an online chess match/tournament. Dubbed by the chess master and Youtube personality Jerry (ChessNetwork).

This phrase is a merging of two terms: the terrible internet provider (Comcast) with the chess term (gambit), a tactical and deliberate sacrifice of a chess piece. However, the Comcast Gambit is unique from all others in that it fails to be either voluntary or tactical.
1. Marcellus, with the black pieces, found himself in a superior position with a time advantage in a blitz chess match. To his opponent's relief, the Comcast Gambit was then played, resulting in an immediate win for white.

2. After completing his essay final by 11:55 pm, Leland proceeded to submit it online before the 11:59 pm deadline. However, his shoddy internet service was down -- a textbook Comcast Gambit.
by Sinchronize January 02, 2013
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