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A retarded fan of the crappy website Combusting Herpes, but to a more extreme length, in which they try to convince people who hate the site to spend more than 5 seconds on it and claim that the site is funny and provides social commentary followed by calling that person out on their supposed stupidity even though they are the ones making complete assess out of themselves.

They often claim that the person they're insulting is butthurt when they're actually more butthurt then the person they are insulting.

Sometimes they are similar to Twitards in the way that they act.
"Combusting Herpes is teh shit."
"No it isn't."
"Waaaaaaaa, Nathan doesn't like Combusting Herpes! Waaaaaaa!"
"Yeeesh - what a Combusting Fantard."
by MM132 January 06, 2013
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