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A type of confusion that happen when you are confused by those who already are confused by the confusion!
I come out of the grocery store,the other day I see a locksmith trying to unlock my car door at the parking lot

dude, what you doing that's my car. .

the guy looking at me confused say, what do you think i am doing? you just told me to unlock your fricking car. .

before i even respond, the guy behind me yelled n say to the locksmith

It was me that told you that whats wrong with you

and he turn to me say what do you mean this is your car? I just lock myself out this is not your car!!

dude what a combofusion

turns out that he had exact same car and it was parked a few parking space down.
by Kiw K December 02, 2012
Combofusion is to be double confused by people who are already confused
I c

dude whats today?

humm . . I think its Tuesday

but Yesterday wasn't Monday

Hummm . . .its Wednesday then!!

Hey both of you guys are wrong today is Friday what a combofusion
by Kiw K December 08, 2012
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