Combat Arms is a very fun and addictive FREE online FPS that is made by Nexon. This game features game variants such as: Elimination, One man Army, Capture The Flag, Search and Destroy and Spy Hunt. There are several different levels you can choose from and you can add a spin on the game by adding rules to the match, such as: No Grenades, No snipers, Knives Only, etc. You can purchase, more so rent, equipment; like guns, vests, camouflage, etc. To purchase these things you must earn in game money (GP) by ranking up and generally just playing. While ranking up you unlock more items to rent. Also you can shoot someone in the nuts, reffered to as a "Nut Shot", which is an instant kill: much like a head shot.

Some draw backs of the game are: you cannot actually purchase weapons, you simply rent them for different periods, ranging from 1 day to 90 days, the longer you rent the item the more in game money (GP) it will cost you. Most players will accuse anyone who kills them to be a hacker and start whining and complaining more than a four (4) year old girl who just watched all her toys and her favourite puppy get incinerated.
*Player 1 gets a head shot on Player 2 while playing Combat Arms*

Player 2: "OMG player 1 hacks!!!11"

Player 1 : "yeah, okay nub"
by Squid. May 26, 2009
A multiplayer FPS made by Nexon. Its fun, addicting, has great graphics but the only problem is noobs accuse you of hacking everytime they die.
Me: *gets a headshot while playing Combat Arms*
Noob: OMFG HAXX!!!1
Me: Ya ok noob.
by Eric you know who October 12, 2008
a fps action game that you can play for free, it is fairly new only a couple of months old...WAYY better than soldier front, the graphics are very good for a free game and it is easy to play, not as good as COD4 tho =D
i just got an "unbelievable" in combat arms
by BabyDough August 12, 2008
Free FPS game by nexon, flooded with hackers and 12 yr olds. Game has 2 clear categories of players:
Those who hack and troll
Those who are 12 and pay money therefore taking it too seriously

Contrary to other descriptions, it is not ruined by the flood of hackers, but rather hacking makes the game. Hacks being free and widely accessible, yes, many people use them, but being a hacker is all that keeps the game interesting.
-Hey want to play some COD
-Nah I'm playing Combat Arms cause using these new hacks and trolling 12 yr olds is really fun
by Bobsmith2 June 07, 2011
Everyone is a "hacker" at all times. Elites have been given the power to kick anyone as they please. all high ranks spend there allowances/job money on stuff they dont even need. Massive amounts of QQ from whoever you kill

Headshot? NO. Aimbot KICK

He killed me? I was camping in the same spot the whole game and he actually killed me? NO HACKS KICK KICK KICK RAGE RAGE RAGE

New Player Wait the elite kicked me for killing him? why?
Combat Arms Veteran Welcome to CA your're new huh
by iAmPro July 21, 2011
The most awesomeest game released by Nexon. Currently has 7 game modes, Elimination (Team vs Team), Elimination Pro (Team vs Team, only once you die you don't respawn), Quarantine (Humans vs Zombies), One Man Army (Player vs Player), Spy Hunt (collect the Intel and transmit it, also Spy vs Spy vs Player), and Fireteam (Co-Op mode). It's really awesome, if it weren't for the n00bs who shout "HACKER!!!111!!!1 IMA REPORT JOO!!!!1!"
*Nut Shot!*

Player 2: OMG HACKER
Player 1: Haha if you say so

Typical Combat Arms mathces
by JoeMcAwesome December 07, 2009
One of the most widely used fps game out there.Its free and has lots of things to do made by Nexon.You can gain levels,get weapons,and even chat online with friends.
I owned alot of noobs yesterday on Combat Arms
by Shalev June 21, 2009

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