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1. an awkwardly tall girl who is also quite skinny, at times frighteningly so
the combination of these unflattering traits make for a particularly repulsive looking female
According to the foremost Combat Giraffe expert on the East Coast, commonly referred to as woo, these strange creatures are usually characterized by oafishness, but they do not lug around, it is more accurately described as a flailing of the limbs
Bruce Lee: Becky looks terrifying today... I had nightmares about her last night.
Jose Contreras: No shit ese. that's because she's a fucking combat giraffe: her neck is taller than i am and shes skinny enough to fall through a crack in the floor. She slapped me yesterday so hard with her flailing arms that I crumbled.
by benny b from the bronx November 02, 2004
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