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God's country. Only the most bad of badasses live here. Most jobs in agriculture. There is one prostistue named Scary Shary but she moved to Williams. All the people here are cool except for few spoiled kids like Mattie Myers and Cheyenne Rogers. Rumors circulate fast, but if your cool, you don't let that shit phase you. If you wanna be a badass, move to colusa.
I wish i lived in Colusa.
Too bad i live in Maxwell:(
by LukeC. April 19, 2011
56 17
A small town near Yuba City. Most jobs are in agriculture.
colusa has a river flowing through it.
by unknown February 26, 2005
15 10
A small town near yuba city california. most jobs are in the agriculture area. it has some camp areas near the sacramento river.
have you ever heard of colusa?
by unknown February 26, 2005
9 11