having sex with a virgin; exploring new teritory
last night that guy I made love too was a columbas
by HOTMOMMY!! October 06, 2005
Top Definition
Columba is the Genus, or Family Name Given to All Types of Pigeon.
There are very many types of pigeon, and the Latin Name of each type begins with Columba.
They are intelligent enough to have the ability to navigate very long
They mate for life, or until their mate dies, this shows loyalty.
The Huge Populations of Pigeons World-wide shows that they have had the intelligence to evolve and survive;
And Prosper!
Not all birds are as thick as chickens.
Columba Palumba means Wood-Pigeon.
Columba Livia means Rock-Dove:(The Common City Pigeon.)
There are Thirty or Forty Different Kinds of Pigeon, a few of which are now extinct.
by Cyril Squirrel April 07, 2007
When "exploring" what you think is virgin teritory when it is actually "owned" by someone else. Baisically doing a sexual act with someone you think is a virgin only to find out that she/he isn't!!
"Dude that girl last night, well i was Columbased!"
"hot damn!"
by HOTMOMMY!! October 05, 2005
A bunch of fuckwits
Look at that columba
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
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