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Vodka and Ensure.

Popular with Medical Interns, College Students, wanna-be-skinny-girls, and other busy people who combine food and "Drink" in a single, easy to consume beverage.
Doctor: "Would you like to hit the cafeteria for something to eat after work"
Resident: "No thanks, I' m beat, I am just going to go home have a Colorado Bulldog and hit the sack..."
by Dr. Jett Rink October 13, 2010
When a woman pulls her cheeks down as to resemble a Bulldog as you face fuck her. Allows for easier entry.
Hey honey lets do the ol' Colorado Bulldog tonight

Alright let me get my dog collar!
by Mustlovedogs January 21, 2011
Alcoholic drink made by mixing Ensure and vodka.
We visited my Grandpa yesterday at the nursing home and he was hammered off Colorado Bulldogs.
by s-dawg7 October 13, 2010
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